Where do you want to take your music?

If only melodious mastery could burst forth the first time you picked up a musical instrument. Unfortunately, scratchy notes and mournful melodies are the typical tunes from first-time musicians, strike the prefect chord with


Minnesota Music Factory.



Don’t worry about having to practice endless scales, because the instructors at Minnesota Music Factory have a different approach.

On your very first lesson, you’ll learn to play a simplified version of your favorite song. Founder Tony Nystuen’s musical techniques and theories have shown to be more fun and engaging than the average music lesson, and will catapult you directly into the world of music. Perhaps heartwarming notes will burst forth from your musical instrument on day one.


Founder, Tony Nystuen, has taken and taught hundreds of lessons over his 25 year career in the music industry.

He has experienced several various teaching techniques and the way in which students have responded to those techniques. Tony has found that a majority of teaching techniques follow a standard progression of steps to learning music. These standard teaching techniques involve learning how to read sheet music, then notes and cords, then other essential styles and techniques, aka “the basics”. Then you will spend endless hours repeating scales over and over, and finally you will learn how to play Mary had a Little Lamb or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…

man is that BORING!

Tony has developed a technique that maximizes student interest by essentially reversing the afore mentioned standard teaching process.

During your first lesson, you learn how to play YOUR favorite song as simply as possible.

Then, in subsequent lessons, you take the song apart, learning the nuances of every riff in the song. At this point you will also begin to learn the cords, notes, other techniques and sheet music for YOUR favorite song. This method of developing “the basics” has proven to be a much more fun and inspiring way to learn, which will keep you much more interested throughout your entire learning experience.